tv music

Victor Romero Evans was also an actor. In 1983 he was cast to play Bellamy in the fledgling Channel Four's new sitcom No Problem! John Collins provided the music for the series and began diversifying into television music:

No Problem! 27 episodes 1983 - 1985
The Management (Hale and Pace) 6 episodes1988
Desmond's26 episodes1989 - 1991
The Real McCoy 30 episodes1991 - 1996
Goodness Gracious Me 1 episode1998
The Harry Hill Show 26 episodes1997 - 2000
The Big Impression (Alistair McGowan)31 episodes2000 - 2004
Believe Nothing (Rick Mayall)6 episodes2002
Shane (Frank Skinner)7 episodes2004
Extras (Ricky Gervais)1 episode2005
Parents Of The Band (Jimmy Nail)6 episodes2008 - 2009
Anchor Butter advertvarious channels2019 - 2022