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Choral Dub

Salvator Mundi

The brainchild of John Collins, producer of The Specials' iconic "Ghost Town", Choral Dub is the fusion of renaissance choral music with dub reggae.

Blending choral works by Thomas Tallis, Antonio Lotti, William Byrd et al, performed by classically trained singers, with Collins' dub reggae arrangements and mixes.

These seemingly disparate genres from totally different epochs and cultures have surprisingly much in common. Together, each is shown in a new light...

O Sacrum Convivium (Tallis)

Salvator Mundi (Tallis)

If Ye Love Me - extended mix

Crucifixus (Lotti)

Tu es Petrus (Palestrina)

Hear My Prayer (Purcell)

Hear My Dub

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